[En-Nut-Discussion] ipout.c error

Stefan Profanter stefan at profanter.me
Mon Dec 27 17:01:07 CET 2010

> e:/ethernut-4.8.8/nut/net/ipout.c:227:29: error: operation on 'nif->if_pkt_id' may be undefined
> e:/ethernut-4.8.8/nut/net/ipout.c:256:17: error: operation on 'nif->if_pkt_id' may be undefined

I had the same problem.
I've changed the lines



uint16_t buf = nif->if_pkt_id;
nif->if_pkt_id = buf +1;

There is a problem with the '++' operator which isn't defined on the datatype of nif->if_pkt_id.
I don't know why.

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