[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with NutDnsGetHostByName()

Hanrun Hu jimmy_hanrun at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 28 22:16:42 CET 2010

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I tried the inetq-sample with www.l.google.com and some other webhosts.
But unfortunately I cannot get it run. I always get a DNS-Error.
The problem is with NutDnsGetHostByName().
The IP-address Ethernut gets back is always some IP-Number, which is alive - but also only for a while - (successfull Ping for a while, then request timeout), but apparently not a webserver on the Internet (unsuccessfull nslookup). It should not be a problem of the DNS-Server, as it works without any problems when I query www.l.google.com on my PC with the browser or nslookup www.l.google.com on my PC.

My Ethernut uses DHCP. The latest IP Ethernut received was for example

Does anyone experienced the same or/and has a solution?

Best regards, Jimmy

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