[En-Nut-Discussion] CPLD changes.

samkelo tyatyantsi samkelo at live.co.za
Mon Jan 11 08:01:46 CET 2010

Hello Everyone,

I received a 100 pin version of XC95144XL we're using on the Ethernut 3. I don't have much experience with CPLD programming.

What sort of changes must I take into consideration when editing the
old CPLD software based on the 144 pin package. I'm using Xilinx ISE
Design Suite 11.

I'm not going to need all the pins on the 144-pin package, because I'm
not using the removable Flash memory, panel connector, expansion port
and RTC chip.

The external hardware I'll be using is the Ethernet interface, RS232 and RS485 interfaces.

I'm going to integrate my own RS485 software protocol.

Any recommendations..? 

kind regards

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