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No response the first time, let me try this again with more information... and yes I am a newbie...
My customer has requested a method for upgrading the software while our unit (which contains added hardware and software) is in service. We have been programming the units using AVRDUDE, and STK500 and the serial port on the ethernut board (Version  1.3). However, it is not practical to this in the field.
>From what I can gather, I can use the eboot code from the egnite website and flash it into lower flash. Then flash my code normally, but disabling the flash erase first. Once done, the bootloader is in lower flash and my code is in upper flash.
I cannot figure how to do this with what I have, which may not be enough. Will avrdude and the STK500 flash specific portions of memory, or do I need another programmer?
I have read the AVR109 appnote, the bootloader section of the Atmel128 manual and search the Internet, but still don't know how to proceed.
Do we need to obtain (or build) a programmer that the AVR109 code from the Atmel website can use?
Has anyone done this?
Pete Allison
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My customer has requested a method for upgrading the software while the unit is in service.
Seems to me I have two options:
1. Write a resident loader and the needed functionality to receive the new software, and write it (somehow) into flash memory.
2. Used BOOTP/TFTP and the available boot loader.
To be honest, I don’t know if option 1 is possible, or which option is best.
Pete Allison
Rogers Telecom Products

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