[En-Nut-Discussion] ethernut board 3.1 LCD support

Paul Govers egnite at paulgovers.com
Wed May 5 12:04:33 CEST 2010


I want to connect an lcd 4x40 display to an ethernut 3.1 board, but many
things have changed from ethernut 2...
i found an manual: enan001.pdf with information about
how to connect an lcd display to an ethernut board, but i think this is nut
for an ethernut board 3.1

Harald already has replied on my question and he let me know that Ulrich Prinz is currently working on LCD support for ARM. i was wondering when LCD support for ARM will be included in ethernut?
(my display controller=hd447080 )
 many thanks
Paul Govers

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