[En-Nut-Discussion] (no subject)

Rasmus Aagesen rasmus.aagesen at tonica.dk
Wed May 26 11:49:10 CEST 2010



I am using AT91sam9260-EK and SAM-BA for loading my application.

My application is using Nut/OS to handle Ethernet. 


I have created a small application that I load in NANDFlash at address
0x20000 via SAM-BA tool.

I have then used atmel's Bootstrap application to copy my application from
nandflash to SDRam at address 0x23f00000.

I can see via SAM-BA tool that my application is located at address
0x23f00000 in SDRam, but I can't run my application when jumping to that
address in the Bootstrap application.


I have tested my little application by loading it directly into SDRam via
SAM-BA tool and it works fine. 


Any help will be appreciated.





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