[En-Nut-Discussion] NutDAC - Open Source ( Ethernuts and fuel cells )

José Vallet jose.vallet at hut.fi
Wed Apr 20 10:48:30 CEST 2011

Dear community.


We have been using NutOS and Ethernut for a while in fuel cell research 
projects at the (former) Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays 
Aalto University) and the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). 
The original goal was to replace the "expensive" and bulky control 
system that we were using with the fuel cells (Labview based) with a 
"cheap" and small embedded solution closer to a final mobile 
commercializable product. Later goals included a real demo of a fuel 
cell powering an industrial forklift.

We are quite happy with the result and we think that our work might be 
useful to others, so we have released some SW and HW designs as Open 
Source (BSD). Have a look at


In short:
We have developed a flexible layered software system that helps to 
easily and quickly create generic embedded real time data acquisition 
and control applications that can be remotely controlled from a PC 
(using, for example, a nice GUI). We call it NutDAC (NutOS based Data 
Acquisition and Control)

NutDAC has been used to created the control applications of several fuel 
cell based power sources, the last two of them being an 8kW one with 100 
I/O channels and a 16kW one with 188 I/0 channels (the later was used in 
the forklift)

In the web pages you can find, among other things:
-The NutDAC source code, including some examples
-Extensive documentation and a hands on demo
-The control software for our 8 and 16kW fuel cells
-The HW design and drivers of the instrumentation boards used (can be 
used as generic IO cards)

As usual, we provide the software "as is", thinking that it might be 
useful to others and simply wishing to contribute back to the community. 
Should you have any question, comments or (constructive) feedback, 
please contact me.

José Vallet

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