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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Apr 28 16:02:15 CEST 2011

>>>>> "Ulrich" == Ulrich Prinz <uprinz2 at netscape.net> writes:
    Ulrich> Please let me know if something runs on the stick and keep me
    Ulrich> updated on your progress.

My target is not the stm32-comStick, but a self designed demo board with the
STM32F107RCT6. A lot of connectors brought out for a lot of devices to
test. At least the board enumerates on USB when jumpered in "System memory"
mode. With a hacked version of dfuse-dfu-util hacked by Tormod Volden, I can
upload e.g. uart.bin, read it back from the device and compare
sucessfully. My UART2 is not on the remapped pins, so I changed 


in a stm32_can.conf file for my board. My board has a 25 MHz crystal, So I
thinnk for the start no other changes in the conf file are nescessary.

I also added 
    /* Register LED1 as blinking led */
    NutRegisterLed(&led1, LED1_PORT, LED1_PIN);
    NutSetLed(led1, LED_BLINK, 100, 900);

    /* Register LED2 and let it flash once for 200ms */
    NutRegisterLed(&led2, LED2_PORT, LED2_PIN);
    NutSetLed(led2, LED_ON, 200, 0);

    /* Register LED3 and let it flash once for 200ms */
    NutRegisterLed(&led3, LED3_PORT, LED3_PIN);
    NutSetLed(led3, LED_ON, 200, 0);

    /* Register LED4 and let it flash once for 200ms */
    NutRegisterLed(&led4, LED4_PORT, LED4_PIN);
    NutSetLed(led4, LED_ON, 200, 0);

with hopefully right definitions for LEDx_PORT an LEDx_PIN. But after
flashing and switching Boot Jumpers to "User Flash memory" and resetting, I
get no reaction from the board. Now I try with the serial loader

B.t.w., it is a pity that USART1_TX pin (PA9) and DFU bootloader OTG_FS_VBUS
pin (PA9) collide, so I have to solder a jumper between VBUS and PA9
depending on boot mode. And USART2 (remapped) boot pins are not available on
the QFP64 package.

Now I will try with to get something more simple working. I will keep the
list informed...

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