[En-Nut-Discussion] Lost caracter with At91 UART0

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Fri Dec 16 12:24:15 CET 2011

Hi Remi,

On 15.12.2011 23:23, Remi Bilodeau wrote:
> So UART0 seem buffed in theory. I get caracter through stdin and stdout
> after reopen it in binary mode:
>     freopen(DEV_UART0_NAME, "w+b", stdout);
>     stdin=stdout;
> Using:   	
>      int c;
>      do { c = getchar(); } while(c==EOF);
> I receive only 81-83 byte or 132 bytes transmitted. I also try to send 16
> bytes in a burst, and board receive 12-15 bytes only.

Please let us know the NutRegisterDevice call you are using and the 16
bytes you sent, either as ASCII text, or in hex if it contains control



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