[En-Nut-Discussion] avr-gcc 4.6.2 error when compiling Nut/OS 4.10.1 or 5.0.0

Ernst Stippl ernst at stippl.org
Sun Nov 20 12:07:14 CET 2011

I ran both new Nut/OS versions thru various compilers and got a 
D:\DRV-NUT\ethernut_5.0.0\nutbld_avr_4.6.2>make  install
../.././nut/arch/avr/dev/ih_adc.c:172:11: error: attempt to use poisoned
make[1]: *** [avr/dev/ih_adc.o] Error 1
message from avr-gcc 4.6.2. 
The reason is that iom128.h contains poison pragmas like:
#pragma GCC poison SIG_ADC
for all SIGs.
I downloded the tools from  <http://www.makehackvoid.com/>
http://www.makehackvoid.com/ because this was the only ready-compiled
avr-gcc version 4.6.x
The website shows  
MHV_AVR_Tools_20111106.exe	 19.85 MB 	md5
Last updated: Sun, 06/11/2011 - 8:44pm

*	Upgrade to GCC 4.6.2 (fixes some long standing AVR bugs)
*	Upgrade to AVR LibC 1.7.2rc2252
*	Upgrade to AVRDUDE 5.11.1

I understand that 4.6.x is still "young", but maybe that correction needs to
get on the todo list. (There may be more references to SIG_* defines ...)
Thanks to everbody's effort to put all that together!
Best Regards

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