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Thu Oct 20 09:52:28 CEST 2011

featured network or CAN connected Display or even internet radio using
an STM32F107 or STM32F20x.

I did not follow the other manufacturers of CortexM series chips. I had
not time. At the time I needed something, last year, STM was the only
one that could deliver a CPU that works. The errata sheets where small
and none of the mentioned problems where a problem for us or if, I found
simple workarounds for nut/OS.
ATMEL still slept at that time and the few Cortex based chips available
had a price that was not discussable.
TI had chips but the errata was bigger than the datasheet...
And NXP never answered any call or gave any reaction on the vcards I
gave them on the expositions.

So if I was asked for an advice, take STM and be happy. You can use the
development branch devnut_m3n and you can be sure that it works as it is
in productions at the company where I work.
I did not merge it into trunk for now as there are some changes in the
API interfaces that are incompatible to ARM and AVR. To adopt these
changes for ARM would improve ARM but is still a bit of work. For AVR I
have no guess if and how it would be affected. I guess even there some
bytes in the resulting code would be saved and some speed improvement
would result. But I need to check.

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