[En-Nut-Discussion] Merge of CortexM3 development back to the trunk

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Mon Apr 16 16:42:18 CEST 2012

Hi all,

if somebody might not yet have noticed, there was lots of development
ongoing during the past year to port Nut/OS to several Cortex M3

In the meantime we have implemented support for 

- STM32 (STM)
- LPC17xx (NXP)
- SAM3 (Atmel)

The development took place aside from the main development trunk in the 



Now the time has come to merge all the development effort back to trunk.

Therefor I created 


as a fresh copy of trunk and spend lot efforts to merge the changes from
devnut_m3n into this new branch. Now this new tree is in a state where
at least the compilation of all architectures I could test by my own
does not throw any errors.

So my appeal to all developers and maintainers of the different
platforms / boards, please try to build this tree and test it on your
hardware to check if I broke anything.

Especially Ulrich and Uwe: Could you please test the changes on your
boards? There had been some updates there too.

There were only little changes on existing platforms but a few bigger
ones. These are:

- TWI: Ulrich implemented a new TWI (bus) API, which allows you to have
       several TWI busses at the same time. Therefor we had to extend
       the existing API for all platforms accordingly. Some macros
       ensure, that the new API is still compatible with the existing

- Network drivers / generic PHY API:
       There is a new driver: nut/dev/phy.c
       It is a generic phy driver implementation. We modified the
       existing DM9000 and ARM EMAC drivers to make use of the new PHY
       driver api

- Some minor changes in the RTC implementations that does not change the
       user RTC api

In general no big problems should arise.

If all platforms had been successfully tested, and if there are no
arguments against, I will do a 

svn merge -reintegrate 

of the dev_cm3_integration tree back to the trunk.

So I'm waiting for your comments and bug reports :-)

Best regards,

Ole Reinhardt


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