[En-Nut-Discussion] Which is the latest greatest branch

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Thu Aug 23 14:01:06 CEST 2012

Hi Harald

> >>  arch/arm_v4 for arm7tdmi
> >>  arch/arm_v5 for arm9e
> >>  arch/arm_v7 for arm-cortex-m3 and arm-cortex-m4 
> > If not objections from other developers, I think we should change it.
> Let's wait a few more days to give everyone a chance to respond.


> With your suggestion we would either have to write lengthy includes
>  #include <nut/arch/avr/include/foobar.h>

No, thats not my intention.

> or specify several include paths in the compiler options
>  -I nut/include -I nut/arch/arm/include -I nut/arch/arm_v7/include -I nutbld/arch/arm_v7/include/cfg ....
> and then use short
>  #include <foobar.h>
> which does not reflect the actual location. In some other projects the header files are wide spread all over the place and it is hard to find them.

Not my intention either :)

I would like to see a common nut/include/arch which always directs to
the right nut/arch/architecture/include.

That's the way e.g. linux manages it's architecture specific includes.
The links are generated by the configuration tool during setup.

This way you always have a common include path (nut/include/arch) _AND_
the files are located beside the c-files.

> May be you concerns are more related to include/dev?
> In that case using
>  #include <dev/avr/foobar.h>
> instead of the current
>  #include <dev/avr_foobar.h>
> makes sense to me.

Good point. We should re-organise the include/dev tree as well!

> > I know this is just cosmetic, but I would appreciate to have the files
> > located more closely to each other.
> I made the opposite experience. When looking into a new project, I need
> to grep over the complete structure over and over again to find the
> related header, if they are spread around. If you are not familiar with
> the project, you don't know, if you will find the right file in
> include, arch/include, hal/include, bios/include or where else.

Ok, so my development environment (Anjuta and CodeLite on Linux) use to
provide a source-tree file browser where I always have to expand or
collapse all these sub-trees to navigate between the C and the H files.




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