[En-Nut-Discussion] Working on nutconf (wxWidgets)

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Fri Jul 6 16:18:18 CEST 2012

Sorry guys,

I'm aware that we agreed on moving from nutconf (wxWidgets) to qnutconf (Qt4). However, essential features were still missing in qnutconf. One of the motivations using Qt was, to get more developers involved, because Qt has a much larger user base than wxWidgets. In fact, almost all the work had been done by Thiago alone.

My (personal) problem is, that I do not have sufficient experience with Qt. It took me many hours to get the find dialog implemented, which I had been missing a lot. After Thiago implemented the switch to make disabled items invisible (following my amateurish suggestion), the find dialog stopped working again. I fixed this half way and never understood what I've been doing.

Further I'm regularly using the double click on the File Property to display the header file. I recently added this feature in the Qt version, which again took too much time.

A few days ago, I discovered, that the first/last include entries in the qnutconf settings were ignored. And, at least on Windows, there is some strange behavior on tree updates after enabling or disabling certain options. I'm desperately giving up...

Previously, for nutconf (wxWidgets), I used the custom implementation of the tree control, done by Julian Smart for the eCos configuration tool. This turned out to be a total nightmare each time I upgraded to the next wxWidgets version. Qt provides such a control by default. Fortunately the latest wxWidgets library provides a readily available multicolumn tree control off the shelf as well.

So I decided to move on with the wxWidget version of nutconf, simply because I'm much more productive and less frustrated on that one.

In order to guard against misunderstandings: I'm still convinced, that Qt4 is the preferred long term solution and I'm willing to help to further improve qnutconf. For now I'll concentrate on the wxWidgets variant again to get something done with minimal effort. In the meantime I'll report my findings regarding qnutconf in the bug tracker.



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