[En-Nut-Discussion] Future support for STM32

DreamCat huayuliang at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 17:25:55 CET 2012

Hi all,

   Silicon Lab also produced their cortex-m3 chip recently, two types,
SiM3U1xx <http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/usb/Pages/SiM3U1xx.aspx> with
USB interface.
here is link :
It looks like EtherNut has too much work to do. Thanks for your hard work!

Best regards

2012/3/7 Ulrich Prinz <ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com>

> Hi Pawel,
> Am 04.03.2012 19:36, schrieb Pawel Czarnecki:
> > Hello Today I use board with AT91SAM7X. This was very good choice but
> > for future I need something "bigger". I looked on many
> > microcontroller families and STM32F4 looks best for my requirements.
> >  (btw - I compared only facts from datasheets, so maybe someone tell
> > me about real weak point of this chip)
> I still wait for the big STM32 board that shows all the features
> including display and camera. I got an email today that they will send
> me one of their training boards until the one that was booked for me
> arrives.
> I set on STM32 for a very complex and large project in the company, so
> support and regular updates for nut/os will be available for the next 10
> years probably, as we have to support the hardware we sell for this time.
> > I downloaded devnut_m3n branch and I see that STM32 is partially
> > supported! The main lack at this moment is ethernet but as I see in
> > configurator this is planned.
> Ok, some nice SPI interface is missing, EMAC (Ethernet) is missing too,
> but a colleaque is already at it.
> > I noticed even the example for F4discovery board. I try to find some
> > bigger board for testing than F4Discovery. As usual Olimex has good
> > board in good price for this chip -
> > http://olimex.com/dev/stm32-p407.html Maybe someone already ran
> > Ethernut on this boards?
> No, no Olimex boards on my side, just the small and big STM originals.
> But qnutconf is not bundled to any board. You always may load a 'most
> fitting' configuration and modify it to your needs / your board and then
> run the examples.
> Unfortunately F2/F4 have bigger defferences in the library compared to
> F1 chips. But I saw that Uwe and others are already at it.
> > The main question is: Anyone planing to officialy add STM32 support
> > to main Ethernut tree? Or maybe current STM32 support was completly
> > hobby job and we can forget about progress?
> >
> No, there is a real industrial development settled on this project based
> on a linux cental unit and 12..14 external sensor units based on
> STM32F103/107 all running nut/os.
> Several different projects are on the roadmap that are / will be based
> on nut/os and STM32F20x/F40x too.
> > Of course I read posts about stm32, but I cannot predict how are
> > intentions of biggest supporters of this architecture :-)
> The biggest supporters are Ole and Uwe, some guys around me at the
> office whose names never showed up on the mailing list, ans last not
> least myself.
> In case your need to identify the biggest supporters for getting help,
> please still use this mailing list, even you know them now :)
> Best regards
> Ulrich
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