[En-Nut-Discussion] devnut_m3n: Merging to trunk, the SVN way

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Mar 20 12:24:43 CET 2012

Hi Ulrich,

On 15.03.2012 09:56, Ulrich Prinz wrote:
> We have a lot of troubles by merging from branch to branch whlie
> integration of trunk on the fly and then merge back to trunk, while
> you like to avoid all that work and just run the easy way blowing up
> trunk...

While there may be a high impact on the code, the changes are quite
limited and simple.

For example, I shifted the pointer to the NETBUF by 2 bytes to get the
IP part of the packet 32 bit aligned. This may increase the network
throughput by three of more times, but it may also break the complete
TCP stack, if I overlooked something. In that case a single command can
revert this change.

> How about the good guys walking in the front line and showing the
> _good_ examples...

Hey, I was the guy who asked the experts for help with SVN branching.
Now the experts are in trouble, asking me to provide a _good_ example?
Jo, jo... ;-)

Seriously, over the time I became quite familiar with this stuff. And I
recognized, that the m3n branch was not maintained well in regards of
trunk synchronization. Though, I understand, that the main goal was to
get the Cortex M3 running, where you and the other contributors did a
great job. These little out-of-sync-problems are no big deal.



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