[En-Nut-Discussion] devnut_m3n: Merging to trunk, the SVN way

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Wed Mar 21 18:00:00 CET 2012

Hi Uwe,

>     Ole> First you should only work on the devnut_uwe_cm3integration branch
>     Ole> which is then a fresh copy of trunk. There you will merge file by
>     Ole> file from devnut_m3n and resolve conflict by conflict.
> So you propose _not_ to go step by step for each branch revision, but do the
> merge more on a file by file base! However this will loose all svn history
> of the cm3 branch!

Why shall we loose the history of the CM3 branch? If you do a merge with

svn merge -r x:y file_from_cm3_brach branches/new_trunk_copy_branch

And after all files are merged, do a single 

svn ci

we won't loose any history, won't we?

What would be your alternative?

>     Ole> Do a checkin if everything got cleanly resolved. Always try to
>     Ole> correctly decide which changes are of interest. Only merge changes
>     Ole> from devnut_m3n to trunk if these are really part of the cortex
>     Ole> development or related changes (e.g. phy driver, changes on the rtc
>     Ole> api) etc. If there are questions on single files / changes, don't
>     Ole> hesitate to ask.
> There are some changes Ulrich did outside of the scope of CM3 that I didn't
> see redone on the branch side. This is the area of most conflicts. 

Right. I did some further changes too.

>     Ole> If this is all ok, we will need to review it. Then we can merge
>     Ole> everything back into trunk.
>     Ole> But as mentioned before I will also try a merge, latest at the
>     Ole> weekend.  We could either compare our results before merging back
>     Ole> to trunk or you just wait a few days until I'm ready if you are
>     Ole> unsure how to proceed.
> We can compare result with the tree I produces about two weeks ago. But
> probably not with a tree produced as you outlined above.
> Seeing alls these problems, I propose a switch to git as soon as possible
> after the merge.

I Totally agree.




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