[En-Nut-Discussion] Float formatting (I read FAQ)

Pawel apcom at tlen.pl
Thu Nov 8 15:09:19 CET 2012

     At begining: I read carefully this:

Anyone has working formatting of floating point numbers?
I try to do this on Nut 4.10.2 and latest Yagarto/GNUTools
On both compilers everything compiled ok, but printf(%f,num);
will crash whole system (based on AT91SAM7X512)
I was build debug version of ethernut and my app.
After debug I saw that in function putf control go inside
function _dtoa_r. Of course it doesn't return and crashed.
Additionaly I have breakpoint in _sbrk but control doesn't reached this.
So I suppose there is a little problem in newlib. Is the possibility to
debug newlib?
I try with this last few hours without result, maybe someone can help.

On Yagarto432 everything works fine (after syscalls.o removed) but
I need to upgrade compiler.

Thanks in advance
best regards

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