[En-Nut-Discussion] En-Nut-Discussion Digest, Vol 109, Issue 4

Adeel Nafis adeel at linkwisetech.com
Mon Nov 12 04:21:30 CET 2012

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I would double check on the SD/ SDHC card 
as they are with the team in HQ. @Rob, we are using ARM7. Basically 
similar hardware as the ATMEL AT91SAM7x evaluation kit. Regards Adeel 
Message: 2 Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 13:26:33 +0100 From: "Rob van Lieshout 
\(PragmaLab\)" <info at pragmalab.nl> To: <en-nut-discussion at egnite.de> 
Subject: Re: [En-Nut-Discussion] PHATFS 4GB SD card Message-ID: 
<01a701cdbc19$f54f6d80$dfee4880$@pragmalab.nl> Content-Type: text/plain; 
charset="us-ascii" Hello Harald, Adeel,

> Are you sure that these are SD and not SDHC cards? The latter require a
> different initialization, which is currently not included in Nut/OS.
> Regards,
> Harald

I sent you the HC-support  patch for the AVR platform about 3 years ago, but
for some reason HC-support never made it to the trunk. Support for HC is
nothing more than supporting byte-addressing (vs block addressing for non-HC

I added HC support for the LPC177x_8x MCI-driver recently (Ole did the

@Adeel: which platform are you using? AVR?



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