[En-Nut-Discussion] EIR & RAM-Test

Markus Dost markus.dost at dr-clauss.de
Mon Oct 22 14:31:48 CEST 2012

Hi Harald,

Am 19.10.2012 17:23, schrieb Harald Kipp:
> Where's __heap_start in your map file? 
my __heap_start is 0x200998 that I get 30052 bytes for HEAP_SIZE.
I debugged the line 314 in NutInit.c in the assembler-code until the 
function NutHeapRootAdd is called with the following variables:

	HEAPNODE ** root = 20010c
		HEAPNODE * *root = 0x0
			size_t hn_size = 536870912
			HEAPNODE * *root = 0x0
	void * addr = 0xe3c32003
	size_t size = 50

For me it seems, that the value of "addr" is wrong and the cpu reacts 
with a data abort. When I try the same using the external RAM the 
variable "addr" has the right value 0x20000998.

Best regards,

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