[En-Nut-Discussion] Failed to mount sdcard using, at91sam7x-ek.conf, fails to write to SPI [Fixed]

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Subject: [En-Nut-Discussion] Failed to mount sdcard using
	at91sam7x-ek.conf, fails to write to SPI
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Figured out, in At91SpiMmcIfcInit() spimmc_at91.c we need to call Reset 
on SPI twice.

--- a/nut/arch/arm/dev/atmel/spimmc_at91.c  Fri Apr 12 10:29:39 2013 +0800

+++ b/nut/arch/arm/dev/atmel/spimmc_at91.c  Sat Apr 13 19:00:06 2013 +0800

@@ -370,6 +370,7 @@ static int At91SpiMmcIfcInit(NUTDEVICE *


      /* SPI enable and reset. */



      outr(MMC_SPI_CR, SPI_SPIEN);


      /* Set SPI to master mode, fixed peripheral at CS1, fault detection disabled. */

This is mentioned in the datasheet too pp652.

SPI: Software Reset must be Written Twice

If a software reset (SWRST in the SPI Control Register) is performed, the SPI may not work

properly (the clock is enabled before the chip select.)

Problem Fix/Workaround

The SPI Control Register field, SWRST (Software Reset) needs to be written twice to be cor-

rectly set.

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