[En-Nut-Discussion] No A to D in V5.05

Robert von Knobloch bob at engelking.de
Wed Feb 6 15:59:45 CET 2013

I have had to revive a project that was done in Ethernut 4.3.3.
I am using Ethernut 5.05 toolchain on Debian 6.0.6 now (in VirtualBox).
I appreciate that GCC may have changed in this timeframe, but I don't 
think this is my problem.

The problem is that ADCRead(*uint16_t destination) seems to put 0 in the 
destination, where it got the value correctly in 4.3.3.
My relevant code is:

uint16_t    adcval_u[NO_OF_RAILS];            // Values read from 
'U-soll' analogue switch

for (valcount = 0; valcount < NO_OF_RAILS; valcount++ )
             [Set up some io ports here]
             while (ADCRead(&adcval_u[valcount]))
             NutThreadYield();                        // Wait for A-D 

Has something changed that I need to be aware of?


Bob von Knobloch

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