[En-Nut-Discussion] Fwd: Re: No A to D in V5.05

Robert von Knobloch bob at engelking.de
Tue Feb 12 09:33:16 CET 2013

Oops, forget to send to the list, correcting.

On 09/02/13 13:52, Harald Kipp wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> On 08.02.2013 15:06, Robert von Knobloch wrote:
>> (But it would help to do a little work on the Linux toolchain for other
>> distros, if there was effort available).
> Underlined.
> As a regular Windows user, I'm not very familiar with Linux/Unix.
> Hopefully other users can jump in.
> In any case, it is my intention to keep things as simple as possible.
> Note, that it is not required to do the full installation. Using the
> command line Configurator should limit your requirements to GNU
> autotools and Lua, see:
> http://www.ethernut.de/en/documents/debian.html
> Regards,
> Harald
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> http://lists.egnite.de/mailman/listinfo/en-nut-discussion
> .
The problem is, Harald, that my distro (Opensuse 12.2 appers to have too
modern a lua and some other packages and your tools reject them as being
the 'wrong version'.
Thus the 'simple' tool also doesn't work.
Now I tried to install older software versions and ran quickly into
dependency problems. I know I could fix this, but I don't have the time
at the moment, I'm afraid.
I have a tool chain on a Debian Linux6.0.6 (which does run 'out of the
box', running in VirtualBox, which was fast to get running and meets my
needs for now.
My comment was meant as helpful, because I think that some may lose
interest if the tools don't work out of the box, or easily fixed (as
Windows users expect, but there are also very many Linux users with a
similar mindset).
Anyway, my problem is fixed for now.

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