[En-Nut-Discussion] Where to define PIN mapping

Henrik Maier hmnews at proconx.com
Wed Feb 20 01:39:27 CET 2013

On 19/02/2013 9:38 PM, Harald Kipp wrote:
> Some board may be designed more flexible, providing jumpers or
> connectors to allow the user to configure alternatives. In that case the
> user needs to reconfigure the pins in the Configurator. But in most
> cases the board.conf file already contains a required definitions for
> the driver.

If I am correct, board.conf does not help unless the driver developer 
added the required option to a .nut file.

I think one of the issues with board.conf it the work involved for 
driver developers and maintainers.

While it is relatively easy to add #ifdefs and #defines to driver files 
to facilitate the pin configuration, I found it not so straight forward 
with the .conf and .nut files.

It's just another level of complexity and while any developer is 
familiar with header files and #defines the .nut syntax files and the 
long chain of dependencies may require some learning.

I also can see that .nut files and driver code can go quickly out of sync.

So I can follow the reasoning behind a conf/board.h file. Its quicker to 
develop and maintain.



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