[En-Nut-Discussion] EIR: SD-Card on SPI

Markus Dost markus.dost at dr-clauss.de
Mon Jan 28 10:59:03 CET 2013

> I developed a board and a firmware based on the EIR and Nut/OS 4.10.3. 
> For I have no audio-codec-IC I would use the SPI for the SD-Card to 
> get a faster data transfer. I read the workaround with the SSC 
> (http://www.ethernut.de/en/hardware/eir/spi.html) but an upgrade to 
> Nut/OS 5 isn't possible at the moment.
> Can I change the OS in the configurator that the hardware SPI is used 
> for the MMC or do I have to change the driver in code?
maybe I found the answer for my question some days ago but I have some 
Is it sufficient to change the follow lines

	#include <dev/sbi_mmc.h>
	#ifnef DEV_MMCARD0
	#define DEV_MMCARD0	devSbi0MmCard0


	#include <dev/at91_mci.h>
	#ifnef DEV_MMCARD0
	#define DEV_MMCARD0	devAt91Mci0

  in elektror_ir1.h?
Do I have to change the DEV_MMCARD0_NAME, too?
Are some additional changes necessary?
Which chip select is used?

Best regards,

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