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>>>>> "Moshe" == Moshe Shilemay <moshes777 at gmail.com> writes:

    Moshe> Hi, My name is Moshe Shilemay, and I am a M.Sc. EE student from
    Moshe> Israel, and I found the Ethernut Project to be interesting.  I
    Moshe> have a solid understanding of the basic of C programming
    Moshe> language, and I would like to contribute to the project.  My aim
    Moshe> is to expand my knowledge in C programming and embedded systems.
    Moshe> Please let me know how can I start to contribute.

Welcom Moshe,

contribution is welcome in any way. To name some posibilities, you can
- simply use ethernut and improve documentation
- extend some available architecture
- introduce a new architecture

Start where you like and discuss questions and results here. As most
contributors are busy with day-time work, have some patience with us.


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