[En-Nut-Discussion] prog_char type in uromfs.h

Thiago A. Corrêa thiago.correa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 22:56:10 CEST 2013


    I'm having a compile issue in uromfs.h in trunk. The prog_char is
being declared in uromfs.h but it's also in WinAVR's avr/pgmspace.h

    Looking at the logs, Harald removed the definition for prog_char
when GCC is older than 4.6 but Uwe added it back. Perhaps it's needed
for some platforms but not for others?

    If I revert Uwe's changes I'm able to build again. How should we
properly check for it? Should we #ifdef based on CPU?

Kind Regards,
     Thiago A. Correa

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