[En-Nut-Discussion] Dynamic linler

Jiří Šindelář j.sindelar at etech.cz
Tue Mar 19 12:55:11 CET 2013

>> Is there a linux-like /dynamic linker/ available for Nut/OS or other
>> technique, which can I use to solve following problem?
> No, unfortunately not (yet?). Thats a wish I just have for several
> years, but a dynamic linker would not work well with small scale
> embedded systems, as you always have to include the symbol table into
> your executables and also would have to hold a symbol table of your
> libraries and operating system in flash / ram which will probably run
> out of space very fast.
Thank you for the info.

>> I want to relocate the 1MB of driver code to SD card during production
>> process,  then load the required driver only into RAM during startup and
>> run the driver code in RAM.
> A good alternative would be to implement a bootloader that loads the
> needed driver "application" from SD-card and then jumps to this code.
> But your "driver" will always be a full Nut/OS application, which means
> the each driver will be larger than needed, but on an SD-Card that would
> not matter.
> If this is an option and you need support for implementing the
> bootloader, please let me know.
This is not entirely suitable in my case. I simplified my problem 
description previously. In fact, the unit has three interfaces (RS232, 
RS485, TCP) and every interface needs one driver. This would be too many 

I will try the Uwe's variant.

Thank you.

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