[En-Nut-Discussion] DHCP

Henrik Maier hmnews at proconx.com
Thu May 9 01:57:46 CEST 2013

While we discuss DHCP here, I also added the following change to our 
local Nut/OS code:

In function THREAD(NutDhcpClient, arg):

if (dhcpState != DHCPST_IDLE && dhcpApiTimeout != NUT_WAIT_INFINITE) {


if (dhcpState != DHCPST_IDLE && dhcpState != DHCPST_BOUND && 
dhcpApiTimeout != NUT_WAIT_INFINITE) {

As otherwise DHCP would report a failure code in bound state and go back 
to idle even though everything was perfectly bound. I think I never 
reported this issue.


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