[En-Nut-Discussion] Any way to get an interupt (NutEventWait) when a UART RX buffer has something in it?

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Sun Nov 10 16:46:40 CET 2013

>>>>> "zonedar" == zonedar  <sholder at summitsemi.com> writes:

    zonedar> Hi all I've got a UART (ARM7) that may get unexpected
    zonedar> asynchronous input.  I have multiple threads running and if the
    zonedar> UART gets something, I like to switch that thread and service
    zonedar> the UART (read the buffer).

    zonedar>   Is there a something like an internal interrupt that I can
    zonedar> use or some how use NutEventWait?

    zonedar>   Right now I'm polling and checking the buffer.  It works but
    zonedar> I don't like it and I'm afraid it's slow and I might be missing
    zonedar> something.

Have a read on the uart pending, and when the read comes back check if the
cause was a timeout or some character arriving.

Or did I missunderstand your problem?

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