[En-Nut-Discussion] Probable GCC Compiler error, was: Re: Problem with ARM floating point, again

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Tue Sep 17 17:06:02 CEST 2013

>>>>> "Paweł" == Paweł  <apcom at tlen.pl> writes:

    Paweł>          Hello As I wrote some time ago - up to date I'm using
    Paweł> Yagarto 4.3.2 (with Ethernut 4.10.2). With this compiler printf
    Paweł> works without any problem.  Maybe this helps to better
    Paweł> investigate problem.  I tested almost all later version of
    Paweł> Yagarto on different Ethernut versions and everytime was some
    Paweł> problems with floating point.

The problem is with the gcc compiler. Is assumes a 8-byte alignment for the
data of the va_list. However by using the va_list as a function argument,
the list start may rest on odd 4-byte boundries.

I have checked into SVN a putf version where we push ap one function deeper,
and things work as expected.

SVN also realizes printing of 64bit integers.

Regarding the gcc problems, I have a report/question pending on

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