[En-Nut-Discussion] Printing of 64bit integers

Bob Wirka bobwirka at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 18:31:49 CEST 2013

Back to va_list alignment: I found that 8 byte values are placed at offsets (from the start of the list) that are multiples of 8 starting at 0 for sprintf(), and at 4 for printf().

It would seem to me that you need to know 1) which alignment you're working with, and 2) whether you're at an 8 byte offset from the base of the va_list.

The value of 'ap' could be on any 4 byte boundary, depending on the value of the stack pointer when printf() or sprintf() are called.


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I've done a work around as well. One issue I found is that the va list alignment for printf and sprintf are different because sprintf passes an additional parameter.


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