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>>>>> "Marcin" == Marcin Trendota <moonwolf at techsterowniki.pl> writes:

    Marcin> It's probably noob question, but is lack of c++ support
    Marcin> intentional?

Historical C++ in uCs was thought of ridiculous. With recent uCs and
Compilers things may have changed. But NutOs is no planned project, things
evolve where people find interest in and contribute. Probably nobody had
long time interest in C++ for Nut/OS. So no, it is not intentional.

    Marcin> I was able to compile my own C++ application (very
    Marcin> very simple) by adding some

    Marcin> +#if defined __cplusplus +extern "C" { +#endif

    Marcin> to header files (i tweaked some makefiles also, but don't know
    Marcin> if it's relevant).

    Marcin> But i'm not sure if it will work with more complex projects.

Side effects on different archs with different compilers may happen. So
things may be more complex.

    Marcin> So is there a plan to support C++?

Not that I know off.

    Marcin> Or am i missing something?

Your contribution?

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