[En-Nut-Discussion] Switching to GIT

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Thu Sep 26 14:23:25 CEST 2013

Hi all together,

This is a classical tool discussion. With all it's personal pros and cons.

But finally I ask myself, why we have not yet changed to git earlier.

For me the question to keep SVN does not exists, as I'm always a friend
of adapting to modern technologies. The only question I would have is:

a) how many active developers are concerned

b) how many of them are familiar with git in special and the different
   git workflows in particular

c) Is there a drawback for standard users?

Personally I found the following answers:

a) Currently we have 5-10 active developers.

b) I did not read any comment of a developer who sais he is _not_
   familiar with git.

c) I don't see any. Windows and OS-X tools are available and most users
   I know prefer to just download one of the release archives, instead
   of using the version control system.

I really do not see any good reason to stay with an ancient and limited
version control system as the master repository.

Yes, every one could use it's preferred local repo tool, but this will
finally only prevent a clear workflow in the team (of developers).
Working only locally will just encurage the people to keep their changes
locally and not share them with others.

Git SVN is a nice addition to git. Thats true! But nothing more. It is a
real horror to checkout the whole SVN repo. It takes ages... Same with
creating new (server side) branches.

> With regard of releases, you always were the master. But during my time
> contributing, I didn't see such a workflow or such a master for our SVN
> HEAD. So to implement the workflow above, we would need a person to take the
> role of such a master. If somebody intends to step in, a switch to git is
> justified and needed.
> But you restarted the discussion with the argument that SF is slow for "svn
> log" . And this can be solved if you checkout SVN locally as git and use
> "git log". And this doesn't justify a switch.

As you are talking about workflows. I really think that we reached a
state of our project where a better defined workflog will help all of
us. And finally I'm quite sure that if we go with the time and provide
common workflows this may even encurage people to contribute who might
have doubt our seriousness.

Just my 2 ct,

Ole Reinhardt

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