[En-Nut-Discussion] Zipped GIT SVN repo

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Aug 12 17:19:48 CEST 2014

>>>>> "Harald" == Harald Kipp <harald.kipp at egnite.de> writes:

    Harald> I'd suggest to upload it to the SourceForge file area. As an
    Harald> admin, you should be able to do this. Otherwise drop me a note.

The file is uploaded to sourceforge as

Could you please apply appended patch to

Probably the commands need some tagging...


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--- index.html	2014-08-12 17:08:46.120169209 +0200
+++ index1.html	2014-08-12 17:16:18.730508556 +0200
@@ -82,6 +82,14 @@
         The cutting edge development version is available in a Subversion repository at
         <a class="linkext" href="http://ethernut.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ethernut/trunk/">ethernut.svn.sourceforge.net</a>.
+      <p>
+        If you like to work locally with GIT on the SVN repository, get the bare
+        repository at
+        <a class="linkext" href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/ethernut/files/ethernut-code.git.tar.gz/download">ethernut-code.git.tar.gz.</a><br>
+        Unpack the tar file with "tar fxz ethernut-code.git.tar.gz", change to the
+        ethernut-code directory with "cd ethernut-code" and checkout the files
+        "git checkout -- .". You can stay up to date with "git svn rebase".
+      </p>
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