[En-Nut-Discussion] ethernut v5.2.4 configuration

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Fri Aug 22 12:50:54 CEST 2014

A short diff/grep shows, that the following directories are missing in
the NSIS configuration to properly build the Windows installer:

ethernut/nut/app: cantest
ethernut/nut/app: flashtest
ethernut/nut/app: i2ctest
ethernut/nut/app: pioled
ethernut/nut/app: printf
ethernut/nut/app: rs232d_select
ethernut/nut/app: tls_client
ethernut/nut/arch/cm3/dev/stm: vendor
ethernut/nut/arch/cm3: init
ethernut/nut: crypto
ethernut/nut/hwtest/cm3/stm: eeprom
ethernut/nut/hwtest/cm3/stm: f4discovery
ethernut/nut/hwtest/cm3/stm: led_key
ethernut/nut/hwtest/cm3/stm: owi_test
ethernut/nut/hwtest/cm3/stm: tw_test
ethernut/nut/include/dev: usb_stm32
ethernut/nut/include/pro: mdnsd
ethernut/nut/os: arch
ethernut/nut/pro: mdnsd
ethernut/nut: tls
ethernut/nut/tools: flash
ethernut/nut/tools: linux

I assume, that the last one is intentionally not part of the Win
distribution. Most of them are not essential. If newly created
directories are required, contributors should make sure, that the NSIS
configuration is updated accordingly.



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