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>>>>> "Marcin" == Marcin Trendota <moonwolf.ethernut at gmail.com> writes:

    Marcin> http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF259243
    Marcin> For now is for
    Marcin> F4 only, but i think they'll cover all of their MCU's.  How does
    Marcin> this affect Nut/OS development (if at all)?


I looked at the files, and in deed, the header have now a BSD
license. I am in the process to integrate them, but configuration needs
some restructuring as now every device has it's own device header, even so
the changes from one to the other device are minimal. Hopefully
restructuring will result in some configuration cleanup too.

As F0/1/2/3 and L0/1 still have the restrictive header, I tend to push the
license aceptance requirements from the individual drivers to the family

The ST provided device drivers also have BSD license. Until now, ethernut
doesn't use any of these, but now they could be reused.


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