[En-Nut-Discussion] DHCP Issues

Coleman Brumley cbrumley at polarsoft.biz
Mon Feb 16 18:25:36 CET 2015


I'm working on DHCP in an Atmel ARM7. I'm working with both the 5.1.0 code
and the 4.10.3 code. 

The problem, in both versions, that I'm encountering is that the DHCP thread
(NutDhcpClient) isn't automatically issuing a renew based on the renewal
period issued by my DHCP server. My DHCP server issues a renewal period of
765 seconds. I've verified that NutDhcpClient is getting to DHCPST_BOUND
state and calling NutEventWait with a timeout of 765,000 milliseconds. 

However, dhcpWake isn't getting triggered and therefore the NutDhcpClient
thread never wakes up, and therefore does not enter the DHCPST_RENEWING
state and does not issue the DHCP_RENEW request. This is confirmed through
console output and Wireshark captures. The thread is never entering the

I've ensured that I called NutDhcpIfConfig with an INFINITE timeout
(NUT_WAIT_INFINITE), so the thread should be continuing to run. 

What could I be missing? Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

On another note, the DHCP ParseReply seems to be crashing when it receives
options that it doesn't know how to parse (options 249, and 252 for
example). This is occurring when Microsoft machines are broadcasting DHCP
INFORM requests. 

Best Regards,

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