[En-Nut-Discussion] STM32L1xx series status

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Jan 5 11:09:49 CET 2015

>>>>> "Ulrich" == Ulrich Prinz <ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com> writes:

    Ulrich> Hi Uwe, Thanks for the script, but I might have to explain a
    Ulrich> bit, what my intentions are...

    Ulrich> All bigger projects like an OS are not a one-man show but
    Ulrich> different people contribute in parts of the project, where they
    Ulrich> have knowledge, but just issue wishes and suggestions in parts,
    Ulrich> where they have no skills.  I specialized in hw/sw interface
    Ulrich> programming and even I code in kernel drivers or parts of
    Ulrich> Android, I still code in C99. So my QT skills, or any other
    Ulrich> graphical UI skills, are practically non existent.

Same here.

    Ulrich> So if I tell about a feature I like to see in the UI, it is as
    Ulrich> it is, a feature that I like to see, but I cannot implement.

    Ulrich> For the script workaround.... I, personally, do not have any
    Ulrich> problems to work around and around, but as I did in the former
    Ulrich> company, I need to do in the current: I train people to work
    Ulrich> with nutO/S.  I was telling people how easy it is, delevloping
    Ulrich> great things with nutO/S... But then I start the training with
    Ulrich> workaround over workaround...

I don't see a script as a workaround. Scripts allow use in Makefiles or
other automatic flows, needed for substainability in projects with long
maintainance time. The script works much nicer in a revision controlled
environment than any GUI point and click.

    Ulrich> With the last company it ended in a nutO/S where company IP and
    Ulrich> open source code where so wrapped and twisted and worked around,
    Ulrich> that it was not possible to push back nice ideas to the
    Ulrich> repositories.  So with this run, I'd like to keep open source
    Ulrich> code and company IP strictly separated. And I wanted to keep out
    Ulrich> any kind of workaround that needs to exist longer than 6 weeks
    Ulrich> until an official solution is found.

    Ulrich> The thread now has a different title, so I open up a new one to
    Ulrich> request this feature... So things do not get messed up again.

Please reconsider the usage of th script versus the proposed GUI additions.

Happy new year!
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