[En-Nut-Discussion] qnutconf has problems to find the right repository.nut

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Wed Jan 7 21:36:19 CET 2015

Hi Uwe,

Am 07.01.2015 20:37, schrieb Uwe Bonnes:
>     Ole> I assume it must be related to r5888 or r5889.
> Did you regression test? Did you "git bisect"? r5888 or r5889 tried carefully
> to only move code around, reducing code duplication. I _don_t_ see where I
> could have done the harm...

To be honest, I have not did any regression tests yet... As allways I'm
currently very limited in time :) But I could spend time one the weekend
to debug this a little.

It was only my first assumption, as I re-compiled qnutconf and saw this
problem the first time.

My thought was, that by sharing the code, the bug could have come in...

Best regards,


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