[En-Nut-Discussion] Build process proposal: Do not build HTML docs and wx based helpers as default

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at atrad.com.au
Mon Jul 20 13:08:41 CEST 2015

Hi Uwe

I am mostly a passive observer and user but I can offer my views for what
they are worth.

> is there any objection to not build the html docs and the wx-base nutconf
> and nutdisc by default?
> Not building the html docs speeds up initial build substantial.

I have no objection to omitting the html documentation from the default
build.  Due to the time taken to generate the documentation I tend to
specify "--disable-html-docs" whenever I compile NutOS, so if this became
the default I could save myself some typing. :-)

> Not building the wx-base program relieves the user from the need to
> fullfill the wx-library requirements.

I use the command line configuration methods so I have no strong view one
way or the other on this one.

I assume the motivation behind disabling nutdisc by default is again to
remove the need for the user to have wxWidgets on their system.  I don't use
nutdisc myself so again a change wouldn't affect me directly.  I guess this
one depends on how many people make use of nutdisc routinely.

In all these cases, if they are to be omitted from the default compile it
would be worthwhile adding a note about this to a README or INSTALL file (or
similar) within the distribution.  This way potential users are made aware
of the existence of these things if they wish to make use of them. 
Otherwise the only other way to discover them is to use "./configure --help"
and read through the brief notes that provides.


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