[En-Nut-Discussion] TCP sockets stuck in closing state

Coleman Brumley cbrumley at polarsoft.biz
Thu May 7 02:48:40 CEST 2015

I haven't been able to revisit it, but it's almost as if the call to
NutTcpFindSocket isn't returning the sockets that are in the CLOSING state
which is causing them to never be serviced. 

So, I'm wondering if the assumption in calling NutTcpFindSocket in the TCP
FSM thread is that sockets won't be in the CLOSING state long enough to get

And, I apologize, I've been replying to Stefan directly. I will forward my
replies to the list. 


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> Reading your post I now remember that I had a similar effect with sockets
> stuck and it was after I played with changing thread priorities which
> in starving the TCP thread. So your hint is worthwhile to follow up.
> In fact I never had much luck changing Nut/OS thread priorities.
> Whenever I did that it had some side-effect, so I now always leave
> everything at default settings.
> Henrik
> On 7/05/2015 2:07 AM, Stefan Hax wrote:
> > It almost looks like the SM thread doesn't get to run because of a
> > busy loop somewhere.
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