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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Apr 21 12:14:11 CEST 2016

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Mai <mai at gemac.info> writes:

    Holger> for my sources i use often the BSRRH and BSRRL registers in
    Holger> GPIO_Typedef. They based on BSRR (32bit), but if splitted in
    Holger> BSRRH and BSRRL, setting/resetting bits is simpler than on BSRR,
    Holger> because can use the same bitmask for set/reset, without any
    Holger> shifting.  However, i found that some headerfiles from ST has
    Holger> BSRR in GPIO_TypeDef, some other has BSRRH and BSRRL. And there
    Holger> are files for the same MCU with different GPIO_TypeDef's.  For
    Holger> me, i find it a good idea, to work with one or other access, so
    Holger> as i need it. To realise this, the MCU decription files
    Holger> (i.e. STM32F756xx.h) has to be edited:

Did you have a look at the macros in include/dev/gpio.h :
GpioPortSetHigh(), GpioPortSetLow(), GpioPinSetHigh() and GpioPinSetLow()?
They should handle BRR vs. BSSR vs. BSSRH and BSSRL.

Otherwise for a change in the vendor headers, try to talk to STM perhaps in
the "STM32 Software Tools and Firmware" forum.

>From my side, I want as few change to the vendor headers as possible.

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