[En-Nut-Discussion] STM32F1 SPI

kontais at aliyun.com kontais at aliyun.com
Thu Feb 18 09:43:45 CET 2016

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kontais at aliyun.com
From: kontais at aliyun.com
Date: 2016-02-18 16:41
To: achim_muc1971
CC: en-nut-discussion
Subject: Re: [En-Nut-Discussion] STM32F1 SPI
      I have a stm32f107vc board,  the spi sd driver can't work, I do some changes, hope help for somebody who wan use spi sd on smt32f107.
I change base on svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/ethernut/code/trunk    rev6130

1. C:\Users\kontais\Desktop\Temp\ethernut-r6130_Change\nut\app\Makeburn.cm3-jlink
    jlink burn scripts
2. C:\Users\kontais\Desktop\Temp\ethernut-r6130_Change\nut\app\Makefile
    make clean fix
    GPIO use on my board
   share irq issue, already fixed on new code
5. C:\Users\kontais\Desktop\Temp\ethernut-r6130_Change\nut\arch\cm3\dev\stm\stm32_spi.c
   5.1  delete  SPI_IRQ_MODE, #if SPIBUS_MODE == IRQ_MODE
   5.2  use 10MHz, no 2MHz,   2MHz will error when use POLL_MODE, 
         the root case I don't kown, but find this set cause POLL_MODE error I use three weeks.
static void SetPinSpeed( NUTSPINODE * node, uint32_t rate)
#if defined (MCU_STM32F1)
    if (rate_div64k * OSPEED_MULT < ospeed_values[2])
        ospeed_set = 1; /* max speed 10 MHz */
  5.3 rewrite Stm32SpiBusTransfer
           make sure dma and poll can work ok,   can add   "if (xlen * clk_ratio > SCHEDULE_CYCLES/8) {"
           for small transfer use poll.
                            /* Follow procedure "Disabling the SPI" */
                    while(GpioPinGet(SPIBUS_SCK_PORT,SPIBUS_SCK_PIN));      // if use SPI_MODE_3 need this line 
6. C:\Users\kontais\Desktop\Temp\ethernut-r6130_Change\nut\dev\spi_mmc.c
    6.1 add CardRelease
         static void CardRelease(NUTSPINODE * node)
    6.2 CardAllocate add wait flag for CMD0
        static NUTSPIBUS *CardAllocate(NUTSPINODE * node, uint8_t wait)
    /* If card has been hot pluged, the card will always out busy, case 
     * allocate wait timeout even you want to send CMD0, so CMD0 no need 
     * to wait.
    if (cmd == MMCMD_GO_IDLE_STATE) {
        wait = 0;
6.3 Add CardReset
     some card need Reset twice
7. C:\Users\kontais\Desktop\Temp\ethernut-r6130_Change\nut\dev\spi_mmc_gpio.c
    use GpioCreateIrqHandler, not GpioRegisterIrqHandler
  SPI_MODE_3 and SPI_MODE_0 are ok.

kontais at aliyun.com
From: Achim
Date: 2016-02-12 19:24
To: en-nut-discussion at egnite.de
Subject: [En-Nut-Discussion] STM32F1 SPI
has anybody tried to run the SPI on a STM32F1?
Best regards,

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