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There is no such thing as an "break error" - only people that weren't around
when the break condition was still widely in use. Yet there is some truth in
it: often a break condition is an error when it happens without the protocol
specifying or using it. Also, sometimes you would strap an resistor across
the RX pin and GND to induce an break to indicate that the cable is not
plugged in. 


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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Jones <Michael.e.Jones at web.de> writes:

    Michael> Hello Uwe, The break condition is issued when the signal is
    Michael> held low longer than die total frame length. The Frame error on
    Michael> the other side indicates that e.g.  the parity bit is
    Michael> invalid. The break state is often used in old protocols to act
    Michael> as a 257th character mostly as begin-of-frame or out of band
    Michael> data indicator.

If I understand right, you explain a break condition. But what is a "break


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