[En-Nut-Discussion] Lua sources in nut/tools

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Oct 20 18:00:14 CEST 2016


both qnutconf and nutconfigure need lua. However it seems
tools/qnutconf/src/lua is only picked up by qnutconf as fallback, when the
system does not provide a lua development environment.

Is this intentional?

Otherwise, what is the relation between these sources and some official lua
source? The commit history only tells e.g. for
    Switch to Ole's libtool build (Step 1).
    Add qnutconf, the Qt based Nut/OS Configurator

E.g. ./tools/qnutconf/src/lua/src/loslib.c still uses tmpnam resulting in a
compiler warning, while recent lua sources do not use that function any

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