[En-Nut-Discussion] STM32H7 Support?

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Nov 7 11:07:00 CET 2017

>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Wirka <bobwirka at yahoo.com> writes:

    Bob> Hello, I see support for STM32F micros in the 5.1.0-1 Nut/OS
    Bob> distribution.  Would anyone have ported this to the newer STM32H7
    Bob> series? The ones with 2Mb flash and 1Mb RAM @ 400MHz.  Do you think
    Bob> it could be done modifying an existing configuration?  Has anyone
    Bob> tried it on one of the new STM eval boards?  Thanks, Bob Wirka
<Sarcame start>
Whow, some activity on the mailing list other than from me
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yes, H7 is on my radar. In some branch, I had the app/uart running with
internal HSI64.

However there are several problems:
- Device availability:
  Only the expensive Eval boards are available.
  I have 2 Nucleo boards, but the first one had problems with flash
  programming right from the start. I fear the second one also developped
  those problems too, but have not investigated further.
- Debugger/Flasher availability:
  Neither OpenOCD nor blackmagic supports the chip. I did some work for BMP
  https://github.com/UweBonnes/blackmagic/tree/h7, but this needs more love
  and testing. Perhaps the problems with the boards above are caused by the
  debugger tests ?
- New devices
  The H7 differs in clock setup, DMA, SPI, Ethernet and more.
  There is a lot of work to do...
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