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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Jan 15 16:32:41 CET 2018

>>>>> "Dušan" == Dušan  <dferbas at etech.cz> writes:

    Dušan> Hi Uwe, sounds like some smileys appear :-).

    Dušan> After reading your arguments I started to think - wow, why not to
    Dušan> have our life easier?

    Dušan> But the priority level is one thing, if we forget about it, then
    Dušan> we have the condition codes inside the status word.  And this
    Dušan> must be preserved during interrupt processing.  So the goal is
    Dušan> not to preserve priority level only, but to preserve condition
    Dušan> codes.  And if ccodes, then why not to preserve also priority
    Dušan> level :-).

What changes the condition code?
Your code implementing NutEnter/Exit Critical? Then change that code to not
touch the condition code.

Or the interrupt routine that may happen with your NutEnterCriticalLevel?
Then keep NutEnterCriticalLevel what it is: an arch-specific extension. Keep
it apart from the generic NutEnter|ExitCritical implementation. Then no
change in the generic nut/dev/ directory is needed.


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