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Nikolas Becker N.Becker at pemtec.de
Fri Dec 6 14:51:10 CET 2019

Hello Uwe,

yes, I modified the ethernut50f.conf, I checked all the options from the the non-BSDL code section since you suggested that there could be a problem. I don't need anything from there, I just wanted to rule out problems.
But after unchecking these, it now compiles successfully. 
Thank you very much! :)

Best regards, 

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Nikolas Becker writes:
> Hello Uwe,
> I tried your latest build. It looks like it doesen't know the type bigint_t:
> 14:30:01: Nut/OS Configurator Version 3.0.2
> 14:30:01: Linked to wxWidgets 2.9.3
> 14:30:01: Running on Windows 7 (build 7601, Service Pack 1), 64-bit 
> edition
> 14:30:01: Working in D:\dev\trunk\Ethernut\ethernutmix
> 14:30:01: Loading nut/conf/repository.nut
> 14:30:01: Loading nut/conf/ethernut50f.conf
> 14:30:02: OK
> 14:30:20: nut/conf/arch/cm3/stm32usart.nut:496: attempt to call 
> upvalue 'CK_CHOICE' (a nil value)
You seem to use a ethernut50f.conf with local additions. It helps, if you explicit tell so. Or better use a different name. And you should send it too or better send the diff, showing the additions.

Try first some of the examples in the app directory. Make sure the examples work. 

It seems you added in your conf file:
That tries to compile contrib/arm-crypto-lib. Do you indent to use these?. So you should tell also. If you do not need it, try to compile with the original conf file.

If you need crypto, these crypto things have not need touched since 2013. The errors appear her to. Perhaps the order of includes is wrong.

app/tls_client used crypto libs. I will have a look.


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