[En-Nut-Discussion] Working Windows build?

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Tue Mar 31 10:49:17 CEST 2020

Nikolas Becker writes:
> I did the same, manually setting the PATH beforehand and running qnutconf from an administrator shell.
> Now it tries to build but immediately stops:
> 09:56:31: makefile:38: D:/dev/trunk/Ethernut/ethernut_2020_03_30/nut/Makedefs.: No such file or directory
> 09:56:31: makefile:51: D:/dev/trunk/Ethernut/ethernut_2020_03_30/nut/Makerules.: No such file or directory
> Here is my nut-Folder, copied out of the explorer, so this is for sure correct:
> D:\dev\trunk\Ethernut\ethernut_2020_03_30\nut
> And yes, the Makedefs. And Makerules.-files are there. 
> I tried to change the /-Signs to \-Signs, but that doesen't change anything.
Please try first with some of the predefined STM32 conf files in nut/conf.

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